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Sash belt is a large and colorful band or ribbon material worn all-round the body as it is draped from one shoulder to the opposing hip. It can also be run round the waist if not used as the previous. When it is used round the waist, it could be worn in everyday attire while those worn from the shoulder to the other hip is worn purposely on ceremonial occasions. Those sash belts purposely designed for ceremonial occasions are in V-shaped concept as it drapes from the two shoulders to the stomach as if it is a large necklace.

Among the civilized world most especially in Latin America and some African countries, when president put on special sash belt, it shows the authority of such president. But in Italy and France, it features the three colors of the national flag and this is usually worn on the right shoulder. It is found among the public authorities and the local officials including legislators during the public ceremonial occasions.

Conventionally, sash belt form an aspect of formal attire of the armed forces. Majority of the royal families in Europe put on sash belt and counted it as part of their royal the modern French armed forces, sash belt is considered as a unique features of some commands for parade uniform. This kind of sash belt is worn around the waist. This could either be in dark blue or red by the corps including the Tirailleurs, the Spahis, the Foreign Legion and the Chasseurs d’Afrique.

Sash belt is absolutely different from epaulettes in features and application. Besides, epaulettes are restricted to the armed forces. This implies that it cannot be used by any other person except for certain set of people. Another thing is that epaulettes are only for occasion purpose while sash belt can be used in daily attire.

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