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Nowadays wearing T-shirts containing images and quotes is more on trend. Along with Leaflet printing London, this is also the newest medium of marketing used by advertisers. Knowing the advantages of advertising, applying newer and modern means to promote ideas and services is a lucrative method.
Methods of printing applied
Tshirt Printing London is done using the method of DTG, Screenprinting, and heat transfer method. In case of digital printing, one can get printed single designs such as logos, photographic prints, multi-colored designs in economic rates. As stated on they are environment-friendly, they are not suited for bulk orders, unlike screenprinting.
Amongst the three, heat transfer method is considered to be the most inexpensive and reliable method of printing. In this case, an image is printed on a transfer paper which is later placed on the T-Shirt and heat pressed. One can also get bulk orders printed in this method which is low cost as well as lucrative.
The methods used for Leaflet Printing London include the digital method or using vegetable ink method.
What are the advantages of Leaflet Printing and T-shirt Printing?
Both Leaflet Printing London and prints done on T-shirts have their pros and cons. While, the former is a cheaper method, which can be printed in different sizes and shapes, the same is not possible in the later.
• Leaflets are an effective medium of advertising when sending invites for programs, press release and so on.
• One can opt for T-shirt prints in case of promoting the product or service in events, marathons and college fests
• A T-shirt print is comparatively more effective as people connect more with clothes than pamphlets.
• The chances of leaflets getting torn or thrown are more which is nil in case of T-shirts carrying the message.

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