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Radiology Technologist: What Makes You Different? Radiology Technologist: What Makes You Different? July 16 Cheap Jerseys Clearance , 2013 | Author: Claude Sannella | Posted in Education
As a radiology technician, it will be your responsibility to operate advanced medical equipment such as x-rays, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. The radiology tech career has seen a significant increase in the number of individuals getting into it, primarily because of the job security it brings. Radiology tech salary is also a major reason why this career is highly sought after.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), radiology tech salary for the year 2009 was averaging about $54,180 per year. The highest paid radiology techs are those that are employed in scientific research and development, with an average annually salary of $64 Cheap Jerseys Wholesale ,800. General medical and surgical hospitals, doctor’s offices, and outpatient care centers are also high-paying industries for this career.

The technicalities involved in the duties and responsibilities of a radiology tech, as well as the complexities in the interpretations and analysis they perform during diagnostic imaging procedures are among the reasons why radiology tech salary is quite good. Also, the procedures that radiology techs perform is critical in helping doctors make accurate diagnosis of a patient’s medical condition.

Radiology tech salary can be influenced by a number of factors. Educational background of the radiology tech is major factor – the more detailed your training and education is, the more qualified you are for a higher pay. Ideally, you would want to enroll in an Associate’s Degree program for the best training coverage as this will help you gain access to more high-paying job openings.

Another important factor in radiology tech salary is work experience. You must understand that even with the best education credentials, you may still not be qualified for high-paying employment opportunities if you don’t have sufficient work experience. As an entry-level worker Cheap Jerseys From China , you will need to climb up the ranks gradually and earn your place at the top spot for a better salary range.

Acquiring certification can also improve your chances of receiving higher radiology tech salary. Once you have completed your training program, you can voluntary apply for certification with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). This requires an applicant to have completed an ARRT-accredited training programs and successful completion of a certification exam.

Sure there are so many xray technician schools out there, but do you know which one can truly help you reach your dreams? Visit our site and we’ll provide you with comprehensive resources to help you make the right choice.

For thousand of years, healers in treatment for diabetes used herb or plant based natural therapies. Being a diabetic, you can still choose other options even if you are controlling your diet and weight, exercising or taking drugs or insulin. Certain herbs and other supplements are known to bring down blood sugar and protect the heart, nerves, eyes and kidneys. Alternative therapies like acupuncture or magnet therapy also reduces stress and relieves nerve pain. Many of these natural or alternative therapies are from India and other Asian countries Cheap Jerseys China , where healing traditions are less scientific than they are in the west. Herbal supplements in some other countries, tough growing in popularity, are not part of mainstream medicine mainly because they are not studied in as much detail as drugs are. As more research is done into the potential benefits of natural therapies, the balance between natural or alternative treatment and conventional treatment is beginning to shift. Bringing down high blood sugar level is the major goal of both herbal therapies as well as of drugs or insulin. Among the herbs that show the most promise of lowering blood sugar are stevia, gymnema or gurmar, fenugreek, bitter gourd, ginseng Cheap Jerseys , aloe vera, bilberry, coriander, prickly pear and pterocarpus marsupium.

Some other natural remedies may not lower blood sugar but may help in reducing impact of certain complications of diabetes, like neuropathy. Supplements that help in negating neuropathy are alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). L-carnitine and bilberry are found to protect eyes from the weakening and bursting of blood vessels that occur with retinopathy. Garlic, OPC’s and L-carnitine reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and kidney damage. Most of these supplements now come in pill and capsule form and can be taken as the conventional medicines.

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